UFC Fluorogreen has worked with NASA and the space program as far back as the 1950's by providing chemically engineered gasket material. E-600 Fluorogreen, a high quality glass filled PTFE, was the first gasketing material approved by NASA for use in their piping system equipment and continues to be the key material used in thier cryogenic systems. Originally designed for use on the Atlas and Titan programs, E-600 Fluorogreen continues to be the material of choice for the aerospace industry.

E-600 Fluorogreen is very reliable when low deformation material is needed. This material is particularly suited for use in very caustic/acidic environments, gas separation and cryogenics. Because of the variety of uses E-600 offers, NASA has recommended our material to Lockheed Martin and the United States Air Force for use in fluid containment on propulsion systems. E-600 has been tested by NASA and Lockheed Martin; it has been proven to be the most superior PTFE material on the market today.


Due to the excellent performance E-600 has offered the space program UFC Fluorogreen has been approached by representatives from NASA and the University of South Florida to research "other physical properties". Diverse industries and universities have tested E-600 and it has been proven to be unequaled in performance.


UFC Fluorogreen uses the most advanced PTFE filled resins on the market. Originally designed for use on the Atlas and Titan Programs, UFC Fluorogreen continues to be the gasket material of choice for NASA in certain critical liquid oxygen services.